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Teaching The Teacher™



Mastering the Art and Science of Teaching

Course Description

Course Duration: Three Days


Training Isn’t Teaching!

Teach: verb. To cause to know a subject

As we’ve taught our courses, we are regularly asked, “Where did you learn to teach the way you do?”  The answer is simple: not in any course we’ve ever been to. Our years of experience – and a lot of trial and error – taught us the teaching methods we use.

We’re firmly convinced that, no matter how good the course content, delivery – the technique of teaching – is the difference that makes the difference.

Just as we’ve reduced the tools and techniques of safety leadership and process troubleshooting to a set of practices that can be taught and learned, we’ve done exactly the same for the techniques the best teachers use. We now offer you the same teaching techniques we’ve been teaching to our Balmert Consulting teachers for more than a decade.

Engaged Minds: Interactive Learning

In the widely-used traditional approaches to instruction and training, trainers commonly convey prepackaged information to students who take a passive listening role. Teachers, by comparison, engage and motivate students.  The teaching tools and methods used by Balmert Consulting emphasize engaging minds through interactive student-centered approaches, getting students to actively participate in their own learning.

Based on our extensive teaching experience, our methods can transform passive learners into active thinkers who use and apply knowledge long after the training is done.  Whether you are teaching plant operators, maintenance mechanics, senior executives, or students in the classroom, they need and deserve effective teaching.  Our approach not only teaches content, it engages the student in critical thinking about the subject.  In our experience, these students surpass conventionally trained class attendees.

Teaching the Teacher

The Teaching the Teacher workshop gives those who teach – as well as those who design training courses – the practical tools they need – and can immediately begin using.

This course is designed to teach those who teach the same skills all the great teachers share in common: the capability to help others know the subject. Taught are the basic tools and techniques that can help anyone teach better – no matter what subject or skill they are teaching:

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the Teaching the Teacher program, participants will know:

• What characterizes the best teachers

• How the brain learns and what causes the brain to remember

• How to apply the Socratic teaching method to the material you teach

• How to employ effective analogies, examples and images to promote better understanding

• How to maximize what’s been taught by effectively debriefing exercises

• How to provide your students with feedback about their performance in a way that encourages even better performance

• How to determine the best arrangement for the materials you teach based on content and the attention capabilities of your students

• How to engage learners in strategies that promote critical thinking and problem solving

• How to effectively utilize presentation graphics that support teaching and promote learning

• How to create a safe and interactive learning environment that promotes thinking and engagement

• How to utilize evaluation tools to measure student learning and teacher effectiveness

The Program

Teaching the Teacher is an intensive three-day workshop.  Real world safety management challenges and issues are brought into the classroom through modeled instruction, individual and group exercises, case studies, and opportunities to apply and try out newly learned strategies in your own content. The course is taught by Louis Mangione, an internationally acclaimed teaching and training consultant for over two decades.


Revised:6 October 2016