Course Description


Skills  for Supervisors & Managers™

Prerequisite:  Managing Safety Performance: Skills for Supervisors and Managers


The best performers never stand pat; they're constantly striving for continuous improvement. To that end, we are pleased to offer the next chapter in our safety leadership series, Managing Labor Relations: Skills for Supervisors and Managers.

Purpose of the Workshop

The Managing Labor Relations course picks up where Managing Safety Performance ended, digging even deeper into the leadership practices that play a critical role in creating world-class safety performance:

• Understanding and managing accountability

• Using questions to their fullest power to get people involved in working safely

• Understanding how to get everyone following all the rules all the time

Who Should Attend

Any supervisor or manager with line responsibility in an organization where people are at risk of getting hurt and who has attended the Managing Safety Performance: Tools for Supervisors and Managers workshop.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the Managing Labor Relations: Skills for Front Line Supervisors, participants will be able to:

• How to manage accountability.

• How to ask the kind of questions that lead people to do the kind of things you’d like them to.

• What leadership practices you can use to upward lead the management levels above you.

In addition, the course starts with a thorough review of the 14 Tools and Concepts that together comprise the Managing Safety Performance: Tools for Supervisors and Managers Tool Box. That review includes a discussion on how the tools have worked at the point of execution.

The Program

Just like the Managing Safety Performance course, Managing Labor Relations is a highly interactive course, using case studies and offering participants the opportunity to learn new techniques and practice them in a classroom environment. Managing Labor Relations builds on the Managing Safety Performance course.

Managing Labor Relations: Skills for Supervisors and Managers course is an intensive one-day workshop. Classroom lectures, individual and group exercises, and case studies are used to bring real world safety management problems into the classroom. The course is taught by an instructional staff of senior line managers, each with more than thirty years of experience in operations and safety management.

Course Duration: One Day

Revised: 16 July 2015

Target Audience