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Course Description

Course Duration: Two Days


A study found that more than 50% of business decisions fail; they are abandoned, partially implemented or never adopted. No one reason explains this alarming rate of failure, but leading reasons include:

• Poor problem identification, not identifying causal factors and inadequate solution development

• Not considering alternatives and not consulting colleagues and subject matter experts

• Failing to appreciate the political landscape and anticipate resistance

• Not thoroughly evaluating the impact of the decision

• Ineffective solution implementation

• Even with the right answers, the game often is lost by poor communication and presentation skills

For the HSE professional, it only gets worse. Environmental, safety and health may be a company value, but when it comes to the day to day effort to "get things done", there’s fierce competition with production and cost.

Purpose of the Workshop

HSE professionals are at the heart of ensuring the safety of every individual in the company and protecting company assets. For HSE professionals, producing successful results takes more than just authoring a new procedure and an occasional speech at a safety meeting. The Influencing Skills workshop gives HSE professionals the practical tools they need - and can immediately begin using - to positively and effectively influence their organization.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the Influencing Skills program, participants will be able to:

• State the benefits from effective influence and better decision making

• Apply a basic definition of influence to a wide range of business activities

• Improve their problem identification and solution development abilities

• Recognize and deal effectively with resistance

• Use the leverage of measurement, evidence and data to help convince people

• Recognize how top management views problems and solutions

• Hone a critical view point down to a succinct summary

• Be able to make a presentation that can change opinions and close the sale

• Use questions as a way to gain intelligence about problems and promote buy-in

• Handle tough questions from skeptics

Immediate action following this course reinforces the learning process. Accordingly, each participant will leave with a personalized action plan to address a pressing issue. The action plan is designed to incorporate the organization's safety goals and objectives.

The Program

Influencing Skills: Influencing Skills for HSE Professionals is an intensive two-day workshop. Classroom lectures, individual and group exercises, and case studies are used to bring real world safety management problems into the classroom. The course is taught by an instructional staff of senior line managers, each with more than thirty years of experience in operations and safety management.


Revised: 8 June 2016