Execution is the principal function of every leader in every operation. Yes, top executives define the mission and craft the strategy. But, once that exercise is done, they’re just words written on a piece of paper.  Execution is what happens next; execution determines the outcome.


Execution really is everything!


The inability to execute strategy – achieve the goals set for the business – has cost companies billions of dollars in lost revenue, profits, and, on more than one occasion, human life. One measure of the cost of poor execution can be found in a survey of 197 CEO’s, reported in the Harvard Business Review. They were asked how well their business strategies were converted into results. By their own estimates 37% of the value to be gained from the business strategy was lost in execution; worse, one third of those CEO’s estimated their loss at over 50%!


Yet, Ram Charam described execution as “the last great unaddressed issue in the business world.” Not at Balmert Consulting! We’re convinced “execution is the difference that makes the difference.” Picture the level of performance that could be attained if strategies, programs, procedures and standards were fully and faithfully executed - for everything from safety to operating reliability.


Viewed in the positive, there is huge upside potential to be found in execution. That begs the question: if you’re a leader interested in improving execution in your organization, what do you do, and how do you do it?


That's where we can help!




Most of our clients have tough safety, leadership and/or execution challenges that keep them up at night. They trust us to help them solve those problems.

For leaders in operations, getting safety right — sending everyone home, alive and well at the end of every single day — is the first order of business. Setting that goal is one thing; what really matters is making that happen. Standing in the way is a set of tough safety leadership challenges that can be summed up in one word: execution.

As former operations leaders, we understand the need for execution. We also understand that incredibly busy leaders are looking for solutions to those challenges. Not theories, but practical things leaders can do to make a real difference to execution and safety.

That’s why, at Balmert Consulting, we focus on safety, execution — and leadership.

We’re convinced execution is the difference that makes the difference in converting goals into results. We offer training products and consulting services proven to create a sustainable improvement in execution — starting with safety. Over the last fifteen years we taught our management and leadership practices on six continents, in ten different languages, to 65,000 industrial leaders — from the Front Line to the Board Room in a wide range of industries achieving exceedingly successful results.

If your challenge is getting great safety, execution and leadership that's where we can help!

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Alive & Well
At The End Of The Day

Paul Balmert is the author of the best-selling safety leadership book “Alive and Well at the End of the Day: A Supervisor’s Guide to Managing Safety in Operations

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Great Safety:


Sending every follower home, alive and well at the end of every single day, is the most important thing any leader in operations can do. Doing exactly that – not just for one day, but day after day, week after week, month after month, year after – is one of the toughest things any leader in operations has to do. Achieving that goal demands that a leader successfully manage a long list of tough safety challenges – challenges that never really go away.


As a leader, you know managing safety performance is a vitally important part of your job. When that part of your job isn't done well, the consequences can be devastating to the people you supervise – and to you personally and professionally.


Paul Balmert literally “wrote the book” about those challenges – and the safety leadership practices to successfully manage them: Alive And Well At The End Of The Day. What Paul’s written can be found in our Managing Safety Performance Suite: power tools for managing safety performance. What we’ve been teaching to tens of thousands of industrial leaders all over the world for the last fifteen years.


Tools to help make a difference in the most important thing of all: safety!


That's where we can help!


Great Leadership:


If your goal is to improve performance – go from good to great – there are a lot of options to choose from: formulate a new strategy; invest in technology; develop new systems; re-engineer the processes; reorganize the operation.


What about getting leaders to simply lead better?


In Good To Great, Jim Collins made a powerful case for the contribution of leaders – and leadership – to the business performance. It makes perfect sense: the value leaders add to the business is their leadership


Ironically, when they’re in search of better results, that’s often the last place leaders think to look. It ought to be the first place: if leaders don’t cause those great things to happen, it’s a good bet nobody else will!


At Balmert Consulting, our experience has taught us that it’s the leaders who make the difference in performance. Our primary focus is on management and their leadership. But not in some academic way: we write, speak and teach leadership practices: “Things to do rather than talk about” as Peter Drucker described them.


That's where we can help!