We help with answers to some of the toughest questions managers ask about their operations

How effective is the execution of our safety program?

How can I get better execution in my operation?

Does my operating staff have the know-how needed to meet our  goals?

How effective are my training programs?

What should we do to achieve great safety performance?


Our consulting practice focuses on improving execution in the manufacturing and industrial services sector. A key step in the performance management and improvement process is conducting an HSE Assessment: evaluating the current state of program and process execution, and identify opportunities and specific recommendations for to achieve world-class Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

We define an assessment as “an evaluation against existing requirements and recognized industry best practices.” In a typical HSE assessment performed for a client, our evaluation covers both design and execution, and includes key work processes such as management leadership, employee participation, incident reporting and investigation, management and staff organization for the required Health, Safety and Environmental work.

Our team of consultants brings a world of knowledge and practical experience with companies recognized as “best in the world” to the task of understanding the way things really are, and what it will take to achieve the HSE goals that have been set for the operation. Our assessments are helping clients around the globe achieve the level of health, safety and environmental performance they have set for themselves.

Training Performance IMPROVEMENT

The investment organizations make in training is huge - and the cost of ineffective training is even greater. “Training is probably the least effectively used management tool in industry and business” as authors McGehee and Thayer wrote - in 1961! Half a century, the technology used to deliver training has changed, but in many places, the results are still the same.

As consultants, our experience in the business of training has taught us that, while the content is always the content, there are vast differences in course design and delivery. Most importantly, design and delivery is the difference that makes the difference between a successful class and one that is a waste of everyone’s time. There are simple, practical techniques that can make a dramatic improvement in design, and good coaching and practice can make a significant improvement in the delivery of anyone who has the responsibility to stand up and teach.

The same techniques and resources we use in our consulting practice are available to help our clients make training become the effective management tool is is supposed to be.

Training Program Development

We develop training programs for specific critical operating competencies such as reliability maintenance, operator certification and testing, and troubleshooting. We manage the development of comprehensive training for the users of manufacturing information technology systems. We develop or coordinate the development and delivery of environmental, health and safety functional training ranging from regulatory compliance to accident investigation and safety observation.